Yamaha Scout

Yamaha Scout Seascooter

The Yamaha Scout Seascooter is great for snorkeling, swimming and playing in the pool. This smaller, lighter model for adult-supervised youngster’s ages 8 to 10 (up to 100 lbs. / 45.4kg) is waterproof to 10 feet and can offer an hour of play on a single charge.

Yamaha Scout Seascooter Highlights

  •  Suitable for ages 8 – 10 (Up to 45.4kg)
  •  Run time of up to 60 mins with normal use (Continuous use up to 40 mins)
  •  Speed of up to 1mph / 1.6kmh
  •  Full safety features (Auto shut-off when released)
  •  Positive buoyancy (It will have less buoyancy in fresh water and may slowly sink in such waters)
  •  Weighs 3.3kg / 7.3lbs

RRP: £179.99

We stock a full range of spare parts for the Scout Seascooter. To find out which spare part is required for this product and to place an order, please contact us.

Seascooter UK is the official distributor of Yamaha Licenced Seascooters for the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg. If you are interested in selling this product as a trade customer, or you work in the leisure industry and are interested in using this units for pool sessions, please contact us through the link below
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