About Seascooter UK

Seascooter UK Ltd is the official distributor of Yamaha licenced Seascooters for the UK, Ireland and Benelux countries

Seascooter UK Ltd developed from the original Seascooter brand, designed by Sir Clive Sinclair over 15 years ago. The Seascooter is registered-trademark product with over thirty design patents.

Since the establishment of Seascooter UK Ltd, the original product has developed into a fully-fledged range of Seascooters to cater for a variety of users; from families who want a fun product to use in the sea on holiday, to experienced scuba divers looking to expand their range of equipment. We currently have over 3,000 Seascooters in operational use in 400 swimming pools and holiday centres in the UK.

We take pride in delivering customer satisfaction, meaning customer service is the core of our company. Here at Seascooter UK Ltd we have a dedicated team on hand for any support and maintenance advice our customers require. We can also provide training sessions to our holiday centre customers to ensure all health and safety protocols are being met.

As the only exclusive distributor of products and spare parts for the UK, Ireland and Benelux countries, we can assure you we have the perfect Seascooter to meet your needs.

Yamaha Seal
Yamaha 275L
Yamaha Seawing II

Service and Repair Centre

We have a large warehouse for secure storage and a dedicated area exclusively for Seascooter repairs and servicing.


As the offical UK and Western European Distributor we are able to purchase genuine spare parts and service Seascooters. We have 4 fully trained members of staff who are responsible for all of our servicing and repairs.

We offer a collection service, and we always provide a quotation before any work is carried out. Once approved, we carry out the repairs and return by next day courier. Check out our contact page.


The Seascooter must be stored in a dry room. They must be stored vertically.

Prolonged periods of horizontal storage will distort the propeller housing. This can cause the propeller to foul against the housing and stop it from turning.

Do not keep the Seascooter in its bag when wet with the battery charging unit. This will cause irreparable damage to the battery charger

Charging the battery

  • The unit must be dried before it is disassembled.
  • The charger should be placed on a dry surface horizontal surface when charging the battery.
  • The battery charger operates at 230 volts and should never be handled with wet hands.
  • Once charged, store the battery in a horizontal position in a dry place ready to be used again.
  • If the Seascooter is not in constant use, then re-charge the battery every three months.
  • Using a timer to time the charge cycle of the batteries will prolong the batteries working life.
  • Please take a moment to read the care & maintenance section of the owner handbook.

Operation and Use

Seascooter must only be used by children under 16, whilst under the direct supervision of a Qualified Life Guard.

The supervising Life Guard must check, the following:-

  • All riders must wear conventional swim wear, with no loose clothing.
  • All long hair must be tied back or swimming hats worn.
  • No necklaces or jewellery around their necks.
  • All waist belts or ties must be on the inside of any trunks or shorts.
  • No persons can operate a Seascooter whilst chewing gum.
  • Both hands must be on the controls at all times.
  • The Riders arms must be extended and the sea scooter propeller must be in front of the rider at all times.

The Instructor or Supervising Life Guard must ensure that:-

  • All riders must always travel in the same direction around the swimming pool.
  • Riders do not crash into the swimming pool sides.
  • Riders do not crash into one another.

Propeller Obstruction

Cords caught around the propeller will severely affect the Seascooters overall performance and if left will burn out the motor in minutes. It can also affect the water seal on the prop shaft. This is a very expensive repair and is not covered under warranty

It is recommended that you charge your Seascooter batteries at least every 3 months, It is common for them to be left in storage over winter but this can be detrimental to the batteries life. 

If you have any questions about maintaining your Seascooters battery life please consult your handbook  or call us on 01709 88 66 77 and ask to speak to a service engineer. 

Yes we do, please call us on 01709 886677 to discuss what model you have. 

We only ship to the UK, Ireland and the Benelux, please call us to discuss P&P costs. If you live outside these areas, use the contact form and we can point you to the right people.

Please do not try to repair the Seascooter yourself, phone us on 01709 886677 and we will happily advise you on your next steps.

Sand or grit can be detrimental to the Yamaha Seascooter O-Ring. To remove sand or grit from the O-ring Seal, rinse the O-ring Seal in fresh water and apply fresh lubricant. If there is sand inside the Battery Housing, gently brush the sand from the unit, take care not to scratch the sealing surface.

If an O-ring Seal is damaged, replaced it with a new one and apply fresh lubricant before use. If you are unsure, please give us a call.

Every Yamaha® sea scooter is designed for protection against accidental flooding of the battery chamber. For safety, turn OFF the master switch, remove the Yamaha® sea scooter from the water and check the Battery Pod and Battery Chamber for water ingress. . 

If salt water has entered into the chamber, rinse it out with fresh water. Dry the battery pod and battery chamber thoroughly and resemble for use.

Always observe safe diving practice if this occurs during a dive 

Please call our service team on 01709 886677 

Please refer to the instruction manual for a step-by-step guide on how to remove the casing to the propellor. 

Please call our service team on 01709 886677 

Please call our service team on 01709 886677

Seascooter Warranty

Sea Scooter UK Ltd only handles warranty requests for units and parts, purchased in their territory, that were purchased from authorised retailers. In case a warranty claim is made for units purchased outside the territory, or from unauthorised dealers, repair and labour costs may apply. The decision to accept such case is subject to Sea Scooter UK Ltd, judgment and approval.


  • ALWAYS inspect to ensure the product works properly every time before use. Warranty of this product does not cover any damages due to misuse.
  • Failure to follow the user(s) instructions on packaging and/or user(s) manual may result in damages or loss of your cameras including but not limited to any user’s personal items, all of which are not covered under warranty of this product.
  • Use at your own risk. Manufacturer(s) and/or suppliers/agents are not responsible for any damages/repairs, loss to cameras/electronic items including but not limited to any user’s personal items directly and/or indirectly resulted in the use of this product. Damage(s) resulting from any use, misuse, accident, and normal wear and tear are understandably not covered under this product warranty nor be responsible by manufacturer(s) and/or suppliers/agents.

Sea Scooter UK Ltd provides a standard Limited Warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase for new products in the UK, Ireland & Benelux. If you’re not located in the UK, Ireland or Benelux, please contact your local distributor for warranty arrangements in your territory. Sea Scooter UK Ltd only warrants products purchased from an authorised dealer. Any part of the product supplied by Sea Scooter UK Ltd and found in the reasonable judgment of Sea Scooter UK Ltd to be defective in material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced by Sea Scooter UK Ltd without charge for parts or labour. The product including any defective part must be sent to the Seascooter UK Service Center within the warranty period. The customer will pay for the expense of delivering the product to the Sea Scooter UK Service Center. Sea Scooter UK will pay for the expense of returning the product to the customer.

This warranty does not cover any product that has been subject to misuse negligence or accident, or that has been operated in any way contrary to the operating instructions as specified in the User Manual. Any flood, loss or damage, for any reason, that is caused by accidental release and sinking of the unit, or from flooding an o-ring sealed or water tight area will not be covered under warranty. This warranty does not apply to any damage to the product that is the result of improper maintenance or to any product that has been altered or modified so as to change its intended use. This warranty does not extend to repairs made necessary by normal wear or by the use of parts or accessories which are either incompatible with the product or adversely affects its operation, performance or durability. In addition, this warranty does not cover items that experience normal wear and tear.



BATTERY: The warranty does not include the battery

TRADE USER CUSTOMERS: The warranty period is 6 months


If your unit is not operating, please refer to your User Manual before contacting our Customer Service Center. For any damage or repair work required, please do not return your product to the store where it was purchased


Customers must call our Customer Service Center and ask to speak about warranty before sending the product to the Service Center. Returned products must be shipped with original packaging including the polystyrene packing material and all defective parts. Please contact our Customer Service Center for assistance in handling your case.


For further assistance to better provide the most convenient product warranty support please provide us the following information when contacting us:

Product Owner complete legal name.

Product Model Number

Product Model Code

Proof of purchase date from authorised retailer (receipt)

  1. Call Seascooter UK Customer Services to discuss the issue with the team before returning any unit. Contact us on 01226 813010 (Option 2) or by our Contact Form
  2. Make a copy of your proof of purchase receipt
  3. Pack the defective unit in its original packaging including the polystyrene foam. Include all parts
  4. Pack the copy of your proof or purchase into the box and appropriately seal
  5. Ship to the Service Centre

Yamaha Seascooter Professional Dive Series TutorialPlay Video

This video goes over the setup and operation for the Yamaha Seascooter Professional Dive Series

Yamaha Seascooter Recreational Dive Series TutorialPlay Video

This video goes over the setup and operation for the Yamaha Seascooter Recreational Dive Series


Yamaha Seascooter Recreational Series TutorialPlay Video

This video goes over the setup and operation for the Yamaha Seascooter Recreational Series


Yamaha 500Li SeascooterPlay Video

The flagship Yamaha 500Li Seascooter features the best in class power and speed. Designed for both professional and recreational divers this powerful Seascooter with 500 watts of power glides through the water at speeds up to 4.35mph (7km/h). Divers can spend more bottom time in the water by exerting less energy.


Yamaha 350Li SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha 350Li is a full featured Seascooter that gets you cruising underwater with a top speed up to 3.7mph (6km/h). Easily shift between 3 rotational speeds as you conserve your energy for more bottom time. Automatic buoyance system, designed for salt water, allows you to concentrate on the scenery and not on your equipment.


Yamaha 220Li SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha 220Li features the power and convenience of a Lithium Ion battery with 2 level rotational speed control. Save your energy and cruise the underwater world with speeds up to 3.1mph (5km/h). Easily swap optional batteries for multiple dives.


Yamaha RDS 300 SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha RDS300 Seascooter is lightweight and powerful. Designed to cruise at speeds up to 3.0mph (4.8km/h) the RDS300 will allow you to maximize your underwater dive experience. Featuring a depth rating of 100ft (30m) and 2 level rotational speed control* the RDS300 is perfect for the recreational diving enthusiast.


Yamaha RDS 280 SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha RDS280 Seascooter is lightweight and efficient with a run time up to 1.5 hours with normal use. This single speed Seascooter will cruise at speeds up to 2.8mph (4.5km/h) and is rated to a depth of 100ft (30m). Perfect for recreational diving and snorkeling adventures.

Yamaha RDS 250 SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter delivers a perfect balance of run time and speed. Rated to a depth of 100ft (30m) the RDS250 will cruise at speeds up to 2.5mph (4km/h). Combine that with a run time up to 2 hours and the RDS250 is perfect vehicle for back to back dive days.

Yamaha RDS 200 SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha RDS200 Seascooter is the perfect vehicle for cruising through the water. Rated to a depth of 65ft (20m) and a cruising speed of 2.0mph (3.2km/h) the RDS200 is designed for both recreational divers and snorkeling enthusiast.

Yamaha Explorer SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha Explorer Seascooter is an entry level model designed for younger recreational divers and snorkelers. Cruising at speeds up to 2.5mph (4km/h) with a depth rating of 30ft (10m) the Explorer is perfect for shallow dives, snorkeling adventures or chasing fish.

Yamaha Seal SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha Seal, for family fun in the pool, at a very attractive price, the Yamaha Seal Seascooter packs thrust for a speed of up to 2mph / 3.2km/h in a very compact, lightweight design.

Yamaha Scout SeascooterPlay Video

The Yamaha Scout Seascooter is great for snorkeling, swimming and playing in the pool. This smaller, lighter model for adult-supervised youngster’s ages 8 to 10 (up to 100 lbs. / 45.4kg) is waterproof to 10 feet and can offer an hour of play on a single charge.

Yamaha Aqua Cruise (Motorised Inflatable)Play Video

Performance, fun and excitement with the Yamaha Aqua Cruise. Easy to assemble and easy to drive.

Privacy Policy

Who we are

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Safeguarding measures

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How long do we keep your data?

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Your rights

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If you believe that we hold any incomplete or inaccurate data about you, you have the right to ask us to correct and/or complete the information and we will strive to correct it as quickly as possible; unless there is a valid reason for not doing so, at which point you will be notified.

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Changes to our privacy policy

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